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Woodstock Homes
1711 Second Street
Alameda, CA 94501
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Office Hours
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Closed Wednesdays
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Board Meetings
Held every second and fourth Tuesday each month at 7:30pm unless otherwise posted

Board of Directors

Rebecca Heyman

Bruce Hanley
Vice President

Scott Weitze

Jonathan Elkin

Barbara Rogie
Maintenance Director

Corporation Staff

Linda Cazares
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Chris Fisher
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Gerardo Romero

Yard Sales

Click here to print the Yard Sale Hold Harmless Agreement

Yard Sale: Policy No. 8:

1. Yard sales may be held provided Shareholders adhere to the following rules and regulations:

a) In advance of the sale the Corporation Office must be notified of the address, date and duration of each yard sale and the Shareholder must have written approval by a member of the Board of Directors on file in the Corporation Office.
b) A disclaimer (hold harmless agreement) shall be signed by the Shareholder absolving the Corporation from any and all responsibility for claims of any sort resulting from activities of Shareholders and/or customers of the yard sale. This agreement is available in the Corporation Office for signature.
c) Yard sales must be individual occurrences and not exceed two (2) per year per Shareholder. The City of Alameda Planning Department considers more than two (2) per year to be a business and states that they will require a business license when notified of additional sales.
d) Each yard sale must be fully secured at its conclusion (nothing remaining on lawns, porches, sidewalks, etc.).
e) Yard sales shall not be conducted without due consideration of neighbor’s rights and shall not encroach upon any neighbor’s residential lot in any way without the approval of that neighbor.
f) Yard sales shall not be conducted in any Woodstock Homes Corporation garage area or other common area.
g) Direction signs shall not be posted on Corporation fences, buildings or utility poles, nor on city trees or utility poles. Temporary removable signs, similar to those used by Realtors, may be placed where safe to do so. Such signs shall be posted no more than three (3) days in advance of the sale date and shall be removed immediately following conclusion of the sale.